About Me

DJ Invasion has been a disc Jockey for more than eight years, starting in a local radio station called WOWL 1610 AM (now WOWL 91.7) and numerous small venues at Florida Atlantic University. He has done numerous national and local events, and private and public parties. His first introduction into the world of being a DJ came from an unknown DJ who spun trance and dance music. After his employment at WOWL and numerous startup gigs, DJ Invasion decided he wanted bigger and better things. He caught the music bug, and since then has been continuing to strive for recognition, and pure fun.

In August 1997, he established SouthPoint Records, SouthPoint Distribution, and Black Knight Publishing. In May of 1998, he merged SouthPoint Records and SouthPoint Distribution into Black Knight Publishing which is still striving in 2010. One can only expect bigger and better things from DJ Invasion and Black Knight Publishing.

  • The Event Magazine
  • Black Knight Publishing
  • Darth Vader Online
  • Future of Design Inc

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